«We did what others did not. We became leaders, now others follow us»



kaizen word ruThis is the motto of the Fourth National KAIZEN Conference: "KAIZEN - small steps to great success" was chosen not without purpose. The KAIZEN movement in Ukraine appeared relatively recently compared to other countries. And it will be fair to admit that this motto is best compared with Japan - the birthplace of the philosophy of continuous improvement. For the first time this philosophy was applied in a number of Japanese companies during the period of the restoration of the Japanese economy after the Second World War. At that time, the industry of Japan was in a deplorable state. In order to increase production, a lot of money and effort was necessary. Toyota company was one of the few who could stand, rise and prosper. It is within the walls of this enterprise that most KAIZEN philosophy methods originated. The USA played an important role in this process, which later turned out not in their favor, when Japan began to enter the American market with goods of better quality at a lower price. As the Japanese themselves say, no one believed in them at that moment. And what now? It only remains to follow the leader.

And if we return to our country, we can already frankly talk about the leading companies, which despite everything, began to persistently apply the KAIZEN method and now have become leaders in their industries. And the purpose of our conference is to share with all the experience of leaders, to give recommendations on the successful application of KAIZEN tools and to show on real examples of how anything is possible as the companies attain colossal benefits, by taking the KAIZEN path.





If you are just beginning to get acquainted with the philosophy of KAIZEN and its tools, we recommend reading theoretical literature in advance (which today is already quite a lot in the open access), because we will pay attention to practical aspects of implementation, which are not written in books. These questions were repeatedly asked at the events of KAIZEN Club and therefore we decided that it was time to talk about them.


vopros para 1

    - Where to take money for KAIZEN?

    - Who is involved in the implementation of KAIZEN in the company and does an individual need to do this?

    - Working with resistance: how to make an ally from an adversary?

    - ISO standards and KAIZEN: does one not interfere with the another?

    - How to use KAIZEN tools to optimize non-production processes (service sector)?

    - We hear this a lot, but we do not know much about it: Hoshin Kanri - what is it and how to apply it?

    - KAIZEN is not alone or single: TRIZ and TOC ready to help.

    - Lean-accounting – what are we doing wrong?


And many other interesting topics that we are preparing to discuss with you.





The first two days are parallel work in two conference halls in the direction of Production and Service sectors. In these days you are expected to:


    - reports directly from implementation practitioners;
    - reports from practicing consultants on KAIZEN tools and related techniques, which together give even better results;
    - practical cases on the application of methods of continuous improvement;
    - Discussions on which it will be possible to discuss issues related to the implementation of KAIZEN, and jointly develop practical solutions;
    - Japanese atmosphere;
    - interesting master classes for better knowledge of Japanese culture;
    - draw prizes for the most active participants of the conference.


The third day is optional:



Visiting companies that successfully apply the philosophy of KAIZEN, who at one time did what others did not, and now others follow them.



Practical work on the application of certain methods of continuous improvement separately for for those who are already in "the topic".         


PLEASE ATTENTION: seat numbers are limited

only 34 participants    оnly 25 participants

Participants will be able to take advantage of this offer. Therefore, early registration increases the chance to visit one of the KAIZEN companies during the conference or to learn in practice about the specifics of using KAIZEN techniques. Information about KAIZEN tours and KAIZEN training and programs below.






250+ owners, top managers and line managers of companies that apply the KAIZEN method or are just preparing to set foot on this path.


We do not have restrictions on the spheres of activity of companies, because KAIZEN can be used everywhere, even at home.


20+ speakers from Ukraine and not only who want to share their successful experience in implementing KAIZEN tools and give practical recommendations for you, so that for you this process was successful.



     DATE ◊    November 14-16, 2017 (Tue-Thu)





1 and 2 DAY: President Hotel, Hospitalna St., 12 (10 min. walk  from the metro station Palats Sportu).


3 DAY (with KAIZEN tour): PJSC  «Elopak-Fastiv», Kyiv region, Fastiv city, Veliкоsnitenska St., 67 or PJSC «Lantmannen AXA», Kyiv region, Borispol city, Privokzalna St., 3.


3 DAY (with KAIZEN training):






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