It is not a secret for anyone that in Ukraine many companies have long been aware of Kaizen tools and implement them into practice. But not everyone has the patience to reach the point when the process of improvement begins to bring the expected results. We do as they say in books / learn from training / the consultant says / a colleague from another company suggests ... (insert a suitable option), but the result is not what we expected. Why is this happening?


But what if we miss one important element from our field of view — not only the tools themselves but also those who work with them are important in the improvement process? Therefore, this year we chose the topic of the conference «People are the basis of all Kaizen changes». 


Realizing that people are not only a resource, but also the driving power of all processes in an organization, will give an impetus to revitalize the process of constant improvements.


No one will give you a universal template for working with people, because each company is a «separate living organism» with its own features and each person in it is an individuality. Maybe this is what is not taken into consideration in everyday work? And, after all, as the well-known sociologist Douglas MacGregor noted in his studies, each employee wants to prove his significance and importance, wants to take part in solving issues in which he has competence. Almost every employee has his own point of view on how to improve the results of his work and is counting on understanding from the management.


Therefore you can listen and see a lot how everything works perfectly in other companies, but in each specific case, it is necessary to build your individual system by learning and using the experience of other companies. This may be the answer to the classical question – and what to do, because the processes we have in our company are absolutely not the same as in other companies?





   - How to build a beneficial for all participants interaction between levels in the company?

   - How much for the company costs «unknowing» of its employees and why you should not be afraid to invest in staff training?

   - Kaizen-Instruments or Kaizen-Culture: which way choose in order not to have to go back?

   - Is money the key motivator or there are other «buttons» that turn on engagement into the process?


And many other interesting topics that we are preparing to discuss with you – PROGRAMME





Owners, top managers, unit and line managers, HR-managers, specialists on innovation and continuous improvement and also everyone who are interested in the Japanese style to doing business.


And topics of the conference will be opened out by Kaizen philosophy implementation practitioners – SPEAKERS





Japanese atmosphere of the Conference will be created by the support of our exclusive Japanese cultural partner Ukraine-Japan Center. Master-classes and various exhibitions will help you to plunge into the culture of the country of the Rising Sun. It is the Japanese style to learn the culture of doing business through the traditions of the country. 





6th December, 2018 (Th)


Business School MIM Kyiv, Kyiv, Shulyavska St., 10/12B




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